Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our New Headboard

Dan and I had been talking about making a headboard for our bed but never really did anything else about it other than talk about our plans. Well, a few weeks ago Dan had a week off from work and spent his time making our headboard! I think he did an awesome job!

Daniel Turns 15!!

 Daniel actully turned 15 at the end of July! I just got around to blogging it!

 He got a new cell phone! He jokes that he is part of the cool club because he has one like ours!
 Daniel being Daniel!!
 I made him his favorite cake: German Chocolate! If my mom was here she would have made from scratch! I have yet to attempt that!

Card Catch Up 2

Here are more cards that I have done in the past month!

Card Catch Up

Just finally got around to updating the blog. Here are some of the cards I have made in the last few months!