Monday, August 9, 2010

Daniel and Michael

The look on Michael's face says "Really Aunt Roxy, more pictures?!"
Playing with Daniel's hot wheel cars (whats left of them).

Michael really likes cars!

The look on Daniel's face says "Really Mom, more pictures?!" Isn't it funny how relatives are alike! Two different people, same look! :)

Daniel entertaining Michael! What a great big cousin!

Daniel's Birthday Party!

After the lesson in packing the proper attire for camping the boys played Wii Rockband!
I think they all had fun!

Here was Daniel's cake for the party. It was pretty much all gone after 6 boys had a slice!

Daniel's Birthday Party!

These are all the boys eating pizza!
Having fun!

Here is Daniel being explained to about the importance of this gift!

I think he understands!

He got pink socks!
Daniel don't forget to bring new socks with you on your next High Adventure or your friends will be sure to remind you! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daniel's Birthday Gift From Bamps!

Daniel opened up his gift from his Bamps (grandpa) yesterday!

It was the Untied States made with license plates. He has been wanting one of these since Dan and I came back from Las Vegas and told him about one made of real license plates.

The things that make our kids happy! :)