Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Daniel took this picture in our front yard. It is just a frog blending in with the ground.

Hibiscus flower

We bought hibiscus trees to put in our front yard. These are one of the blooms from the tree. I think I will also use these pictures to put as pictures in our half bath downstairs. I haven't had any ideas as what to use for decor in that bathroom and I think this is it!

Daniel's 8th grade graduation ceremony!

Daniel's school had a graduation ceremony for the kids who were leaving 8th grade. They made it more like a graduation with the stage for them to walk across because these boys and girls are the first class to go to high school. They recently changed the school grades. So 6th grade will go to middle school and 9th grades will now be in high school. We are proud of Daniel and his accomplishments. Hopefully next year will be even better! But as the mom, I feel weird that I'm the parent of a high school kid!