Monday, February 7, 2011

Chef Daniel's Creations!

Daniel has been taking a culinary prep class this semester at school and has been wanting to cook more at home! I'm fine with that! I'm all for letting someone else cook dinner for me! Tonight he made Italian Sausage Rigatoni! It was yummy!
Here is "Chef" Daniel with his latest creation! Such a silly guy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards

Here are my cards to send to my family and friends for Valentine's Day!

Kansas City Blizzard 2011

The first 2 pictures were taken in our backyard on the 1st of February during the blizzard.

Looking across the street in our front yard. You really can't see much!

Looking down the street one way.

Looking down the street the other way! It of course snowed for about 12 more hours after these photos were taken. I believe we ended up getting about 13 inches! This was crazy!

January Snow Storms

The first 2 pictures above were taken on the 11th of January. This was our first storm for the year.

The three pictures above were taken on the 19th of January. We got more snow this storm then the last!