Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steamboat Arabia

After breakfast on Saturday morning we took our parents to the River Market in Kansas City. We also saw the steamboat Arabia. This picture is the back of the boat where the rudder is. It was pretty big when you are standing there looking at it.
This gentleman that Daniel is standing with is one of the men who help find and preserve the artifacts from the Arabia. His name is Bob Hawley.

This is the snag that sunk the Steamboat Arabia in the Missouri River.

The paddle wheel is a replica of what would have been on the boat. But the engine is the original from the steamboat.

Here is the paddle wheel from a different angle. This thing was huge!

Saturday Morning

My parents came in Friday evening and spent the night at our place. So I had this great idea to invite my sister Rosie and her family to our house for breakfast on Saturday morning before we went out. Here is Little Micheal eating biscuits and gravy.

Here is my Dad. That is probably the only picture that we have of him smiling!
Here is me, my mom and my sister, Rosie!

How Many People Does It Take To Make A Ship?

My parents came up from Texas to make rounds to all the family. Our place was there first stop. They gave Daniel this pirate ship that you have to build.
As you can see there are 4 people reading instructions and trying to figure it out. In their defense the instructions were not clear on how to put it together.

As of today it is not finished :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Linen Closet Project Complete

We got our linen closet finished with new shelves.
It is nice to have shelves to put our things on. No more piling it on the floor.
Thanks Dan for all your hard work!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yard Work

We finally started to clean up the backyard. It had a lot of overgrowth of vines. Most of it was intertwined in the fence.

We still have a lot more to do and lot more to cut down but so far what we have done makes the yard look bigger and cleaner.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Been Busy Again!

We hung more pictures in the house. This one was given to us by a member in our old ward. I absolutely LOVE this picture. It makes me feel calm and peaceful.

My Grandma Jackson had this made for us before she passed away 5 years ago. I have been waiting to find a frame big enough to fit it and get it hung up! And I found the perfect spot for it. We put it on the wall as you come up the stairs from the entry way!

Been Busy!

We are finally getting around to hanging up decorations throughout the house. These are plates that belonged to my mother-in-law. I have placed them in the kitchen/dining room.

Dan is the one who took the time to measure and put up the hooks. He made sure that everything was perfectly even!

As Daniel said when we showed him what we were doing "It finally feels like our home!" And he is right!

Ms. Norris

This is our cat, Middi. But lately we have been calling her Ms. Norris. Ms. Norris is a character (a cat) in the the Harry Potter books. Ms. Norris is a very mean cat who none of the students at Hogwarts like. Our cat Middi (a.k.a. Ms. Norris) has been very mean to just about everyone in the house. I know it is because she is getting up there in age (she is 10 years old.) So to make light of the situation we just call her Ms. Norris! Even our dog (Nikki) gets some of Ms. Norris' abuse! No one is safe! So be careful-looks are deceiving:) She may look sweet and cuddly, but she is mean:)