Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blowing out candles and random pictures!

Micheal playing with his new trucks and the other kids.

Blowing out the candles.He really enjoyed all of us singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Micheal's 2nd Birthday (gifts)

Here's little Micheal opening his gifts for everyone!
I think this one was his favorite. After opening this one he was ready to leave with it and not open any more!

Do you notice a reoccurring thing with little Micheal? His pants give him a plumbers crack! Someone did give him suspenders for his birthday!

Micheal's 2nd Birthday (games)

Here are all the kids playing games at Micheal's birthday party.

All the goodies for everyone to take home!

All the kids had fun!

Micheal's 2nd Birthday (cake)

Today was Micheal's (my nephew) 2nd birthday. This is his cake that my sister, her husband and his mother made.

Backyard friends

We have lots of backyard friends that visit us!
Not for sure what kind of bird this one is. It is black and white with red on the side of his head!

Just Dance, Daniel!

A few weeks ago we bought the Just Dance for the Wii. We all had fun playing it (and also had a good workout!)
Here is Daniel dancing to the Spice Girls!