Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Busy Day

I had the day off from work yesterday and decided to clean the house. Here is what I did:
-cleaned the sliding glass door (our dog leaves her mouth and nose print on it)
-swept and mopped the kitchen, bathroom, and entry way
-cleaned out the microwave
-washed 5 loads of laundry (it was REALLY nice to get into bed after a long day to fresh smelling sheets and comforter)
-unloaded the dishwasher
-loaded the dishwasher back up
-dropped clothes off at the Salvation Army
-dust the house (and the sneezed all day)
-vacuumed the whole house including the stairs (the stairs I hate to vacuum!)
-made a grocery list and planned meals for the week

So this morning I was planning on sleeping in but I woke up at 8! Oh well! My house feels clean and that's a good feeling! I just read for most of the day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Flower

Daniel gave me this flower yesterday. We picked him up from school after his play rehearsal and he had picked this from a bush in the school yard. He is so sweet! Thank you Daniel!

Old Settler's Day Parade

We went to the annul Old Settler's Day Parade last Saturday here in town.

The parade was of the local Jr High and High school bands and the businesses around the area. It was still fun to go and see all the floats and people.

The school bands were great to hear. Daniel told us that he wanted to play the drums in the band some day.

My sister and her little one, Michael meet us at the parade. He didn't care to watch anything but the bands.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Moon Candy

I feel silly buying this candy! I was in Hy-Vee looking at their huge selection of Halloween candy and just happened to see at the very bottom shelf a bag of chocolates for Stephanie Meyer's New Moon! So I had to get them! I just hope that I'm not the only adult out there buying this bag of chocolates! :)

The Old Clock

We were given this clock from my father-in-law. It was my mother-in -law's. She got it from an antique shop and took it in to get it working again. I'm not for sure about the history behind it (or if there is one). The only things we know is that it is at least 100 years old. Danny (my father-in-law) found the key to wind it up every few days. So now it works again. It is really cool to hear the tick tock and to hear it chime!