Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Help At All!

I was trying to change the sheets on our bed today and the cat just would not get off the bed for me to do so. She would just go from one spot to another as I pulled off blankets and sheets. Then when I tried to put the clean sheets on, she just laid there looking at me. She finally left after I took this picture. Now I know what to do next time.


Here is Daniel (with a new haircut). He also goes by: Buggus, Danielson and Wilbur (the last 2 are a toss up of what he hates being called by. Wilbur was what our old neighbor called him! She says he looks like a Wilbur to her! I like to call him Danielson. But he still okay with being called Buggus.) No matter what we call him, we still love Daniel!

Feburary Choir Concert

Daniel had a school choir concert on Monday. The songs that all groups sang were from different countries. One song that Daniel's class sang was a German song! Between all 4 groups they had sang song from America, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Caribbean, Ghana, and Germany. They all did a wonderful job. And I think Daniel looks handsome in his choir uniform!

Winter Weather

These were taken last Friday. I was coming home from work and thought all the snow was pretty. I'am tired of all the snow that we have received this winter but I have to say it was pretty! The picture above is our big tree in our backyard.
Our front yard.

I love that the older neighborhoods have these big trees that line the streets. The snow makes the street look awesome as you drive down them!

Our Cardinal Friend

Dan took these pictures back in January. There was this cardinal who kept coming to the trees in our backyard and singing. Dan kept trying to get it's picture and it would fly away. One Saturday afternoon he finally let Dan take his picture.

He has been coming back since then. We hear him singing and flying from one tree to the next. He also likes to peck at the window to the storage room in the basement. Our dog could care less about the bird, but our cat watches like she's ready to attack it!